I invite you to be my stylist … on the theme of ‘Tudor Magnificence’

Dear internet friends,

Now obviously we discuss history and research and stuff like that on this blog.  But we also like clothes and shoes, don’t we? And yes, these things matter.  Certainly as an art historian I have no problem in agreeing that they can be propaganda of the highest order.  At the moment, I need some new ones, for a new programme, and as you’ve helped me before, I hope you’ll help me again!

Here’s your fashion assignment – should you choose to accept it. Obviously the stakes here are really high.  Either I won’t take your advice, or possibly I will! For this new project, I need two dresses and one coat, autumn/wintery. As always, they have to be available on the high street, and reasonably priced.

The theme  is ‘Tudor Magnificence’.

Here is your mood board to get you into the spirit … and do let your suggestions flow in the comments!

Thanks very much in advance,  Lucy

fashion blog 9 Tudor red dress

Fashion blog 10 long red

fashion blog 4 L K Bennett sadly out of stock









fashion blog 2 Henry red cloak

fashion blog 1 haunted gallery hangings









fashion blog 7 Phase Eight  Furry coat








fashion blog 6 Mary_Tudor_and_Charles_Brandon









fashion blog 8 Tudor clock   fashion blog 5 Mary 1

62 thoughts on “I invite you to be my stylist … on the theme of ‘Tudor Magnificence’

  1. Cathi Bunn

    I think you would look beautiful in the Churchill coat at the below link;

  2. Kate Johnson

    Lucy, try Joe Browns (http://www.joebrowns.co.uk/pp+womens-coats-and-jackets+JA-L) who have the most marvellous decorative coats, lots of period inspired detailing. Very nice tailoring and good quality too. I’ve a lovely red and brown corduroy coat that has seen me through a couple of very cold winters!

    Very much love your programmes, by the way. I’m fascinated by social history and you present it so well. Thank you!

    1. Lucy Post author

      Thanks very much, didn’t previously know about this Joe Browns which you’re not the only one to recommend!

    1. Lucy Post author

      That’s rather lovely…

    1. Lucy Post author

      Very Tudory. Full points for meeting the brief.

  3. Phoebe

    Forgive me in advance for the links formatted for use across the pond. Hopefully they will still work for you.


    1. Lucy Post author

      Thank you! They do work, and didn’t know about those sites…

  4. Alex Robbins

    Dress one:
    I thought this one very much evoked the darkness and danger of the Tudors as well as the deep red for the emphasis on ‘Bloody Mary’ and the Lancastrian rose. It’s elegantly simple, yet regal – and very much a ‘killer’ and one to ‘turn heads’, like so many of the Tudors.

    Dress two:
    Even more so elegant the first, but this one really does scream ‘refined, beauteous Tudor woman’, adorned with lace and the royal colour that is navy. After all, the Tudors loved showing off.

    What great Tudor woman’s dress is not complete without the expensive fur linings adorning her sleeves? Black to go with both dresses, and long in length to symmetry almost that of a Tudor man’s ensemble – it’s definitely a powerful coat.

    All of this, teamed with stand out-ish, yet elegant gold jewellery would really complete that Tudor look xxx

    1. Lucy Post author

      Am SERIOUSLY considering that coat, thanks!

    1. Lucy Post author

      Ha! Very good! I had already suggested that red Hobbs dress myself, been told it’s too similar to what I’ve worn before…

  5. Elizabeth Cornwell

    The 1st 2 dresses are great esp the red one,the metallic one is too patterned!The coat is good( I love yr coats!) the only thing is the collar.I know it’s faux fur but you ( more than me) will know the reaction of some people!I love yr programmes,they are one of the few reasons why I keep my TV set!

  6. Julie Gildie

    Hi Lucy

    I’d go for the yellow and red dresses and the fawn coat. Best advice is to wear what makes you feel good (sorry, don’t mean to be patronizing!) 🙂

  7. Julie Gildie

    P.S I’d add that elegant, ‘single-colour’ dresses would be my preference 🙂

  8. D.

    I dare to suggest a dress! If money wouldn’t play a role I’ll say: This Dolce & Gabbana dress http://www.brownsfashion.com/product/013F09760006/029/brocade-floral-dress is it! The keys are stunning & match perfect the love of symbols of the Tudor area (and your role as a historian who finds the key to our questions ;-). But, ok, that’s far too expensive…I think exquisit velvet would be nice. Square necklines. Sophisticated sleeves. These I found in some ‘Ladresses’, Blanche & Zelda i.e.. The colours are also exquisite for a lover of clear and fine colours: http://www.ladress.com/en/perfect_dress_finder I think the phase eight dress you set above is a fine example for embroidery. My suggestion of this topic is a far more modest but fine dress by DAY, Birger & Mikkelsen: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/459885/DAY_Birger_et_Mikkelsen/grosgrain-trimmed-embroidered-lace-dress. But the D&G is REALLY perfect…*sigh*

    1. Lucy Post author

      I think that the D&G dress may win ‘most-coveted’!

    2. Laura

      I agree…you MUST have that D&G dress. It is stunning and gorgeous. Very atmospheric for being filmed in a candlelit castle. Nothing else could be that perfect! Maybe someone at the BBC has a contact with D&G? Anyone you met at fashion week? Fashion houses do lend dresses…a large mention in the credits?? I love your style and your programs Lucy. Now get that dress!!!!

    3. Laura

      Or…you could show this dress to a seamstress and she could perhaps find similar (the same) fabric and make it for you?

  9. Siobhan Mathers

    I feel that the current peplum trend has echoes of Tudor waist-cinching and excess materiel round the hips. This red Karen Millen number would look good on you I think…


    1. Lucy Post author

      Hum, I feel that peplums may be a bit too exciting of me, but I like your general direction!

  10. John Robertson

    anything but the yellow dress please. Yellow won,t suit you I don.t think but as a man what do I know?

    1. Lucy Post author

      I like it! Subtle yet fits the brief.

  11. Adi

    dear Dr Worsley,

    ?why not ‘go neutral’?

    Instead-of competing with the ‘Tudor Magnificence’, wear a black-dress, then a white-dress in alternate-episodes.

    A fully-fur chinchilla or fake-fur one, that’d-do the coat bit.

    I shan’t-be sizeist like Dayo!

    Perfect-example there of the psychology of being online giving a ‘mask’ to operate from!

    I’d love to be there in real-life when someone called you a weirdo to your face!

    They wouldn’t-dare!

    And you’re svelte, not ‘skinny’!

    And all clothes look damn-fine on you because you wear them well!

    Don’t take sartorial-advice off internetters, unless it’s-mine!

    All the Sunday-best,

    Adi x

  12. Wendy

    Hi Lucy, the red is lovely but you end up walking around holding it by the hem! I personally like the black and silver, but might it be too much on TV?
    I could suggest very modest M&S and one of their skater dresses?

    1. Lucy Post author

      INSPIRED! So sad it’s sold out!

  13. Verity Barber

    To me ‘Tudor Magnificence’ is all about the expression of wealth. To me this means expensive fabrics, beautiful jewel tones and plenty of shimmer. I have tried to keep in mind Lucy’s own style which I think often has a understated 50’s vibe so here are my picks!
    Firstly this gorgeous dress http://www.joythestore.com/lou-bow-waist-circle-jacq-drs which is the most beautiful and luxurious colour and would be perfectly at home on a Tudor country house wall. Here is my second dress http://www.nancymac.co.uk/collections/lace-dresses/products/gabrielle-dress-in-rose-lace-1 which I have picked because of the pretty jewel tones and bold lace pattern. And my coat pick is more understated but the shimmer at the bottom and the pale colour all scream opulence! http://www.tedbaker.com/uk/Womens/Clothing/Jackets-Coats/MINTYE-Jacquard-cocoon-coat-Natural/p/111606-95-NATURAL

    1. Lucy Post author

      Very classy, and I like your thoughtful approach…

  14. John Atkinson

    I had a look at Jaeger and found these:

    Coat (white):
    PRODUCT CODE: 590067H-10000-8 £350 to £199.00

    PRODUCT CODE: 630182H-86500-L £99.00 to £49.00

    PRODUCT CODE: 630123H-40400-8 £199.00 to £60.00 green

    I don’t think anything in the shops today could be described as ‘Tudor Magnificence’, but do prove me wrong!

  15. John Atkinson

    I had a look at Jaeger and found these:

    PRODUCT CODE: 590067H-10000-8 £350 to £199.00 (white)

    PRODUCT CODE: 630182H-86500-L £99.00 to £49.00

    PRODUCT CODE: 630123H-40400-8 £199.00 to £60.00 green

    I don’t think anything in the shops today could be described as ‘Tudor Magnificence’, but do prove me wrong!

  16. Chloe Herwood Murphy

    The colour of the pink dress with the length of the yellow. Something classy, yet chic like that is very you Lucy 🙂 x

    1. Lucy Post author

      Aw, thanks!

  17. Chloe Herwood Murphy

    (Although, this dress is very pretty too. Gorgeous yet versatile) 🙂 x

    1. Lucy Post author

      It looks like it would be comfy as well.

  18. Emma Dodds

    I think this coat is beautiful and totally on-theme with the Tudor and regal elements!

    1. Lucy Post author

      I see where you’re coming from – most interesting…

  19. Georgia Traher

    Wear your red gloves. I LOVE those. and the silver dress is gorgeous two the rest are too plain.

    1. Lucy Post author

      Ah, thanks! Delightful to hear from someone who doesn’t want to say ‘why did you present that programme wearing Marigolds?’

  20. Barbara Stoffa

    Tudor magnificence is by definition custom and excessive. Forget the high street. Have a local dressmaker make you a dress. Tudor is also rich primary colors. With your luscious coloring pick a riot of layers using royal blue, emerald green and royal purple—all with gold trim. You can carry it.

  21. Steph Blythman

    Not having much luck with the coat search, but found a few dresses:

    The texture of this Merino Cos dress struck me as very Tudor: http://www.cosstores.com/gb/Shop/Women/Dresses/Printed_merino_dress/46881-16863190.1#c-24479

    As did this lovely purple lace dress from Coast (also comes in a deep pink): http://www.coast-stores.com/lianna-lace-dress/all-dresses/coast/fcp-product/1315677

    Also liked this French Connection dress in the black/petrol combination: http://www.frenchconnection.com/product/71ABU/Vine+Bloom+Flock+Dress.htm?search_keywords=velvet

    The grey version of this brocade dress: http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Uttam+Boutique+Brocade+flower+dress/188886122,default,pd.html

    also has a matching bolero: http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Uttam+Boutique+Brocade+flower+bolero/188886229,default,pd.html

    I do prefer that last dress in black though, it really echoes the one on your mood board I thought.

  22. Hannah

    Hi Lucy,
    This might be slightly off the Tudor theme, but I think this Hobbs coat would really suit you (and it would look great with the grey tweed Hobbs dress suggested by Rachel): http://www.hobbs.co.uk/product/display?productID=0214-3114-9044L00&productvarid=0214-3114-9044L00-SAGE GREEN-18&refpage=coats-jackets
    I always really enjoy watching your programmes (here is my review of ‘Tales from the Royal Wardrobe’: http://hana-m-m.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/a-peek-inside-royal-wardrobe.html) and I have been inspired to go back to university in September to read for an MA in 18th Century Studies. Thank you for showing you can love fashion and still be taken seriously as an academic!

    1. Hannah

      Sorry, let’s try that link again… it’s the Hobbs Rhiannon coat £269:

      http://www.hobbs.co.uk/product/display?productID=0214-3114-9044L00&productvarid=0214-3114-9044L00-SAGE GREEN-18&refpage=coats-jackets

  23. Meaghan McClure

    I thought that this gorgeous dress and coat would be fabulous for your theme!!

    http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1005910&vid=1&pid=970520012 – In Light Red Rhine

    I adore that deep, majestic, and regal color that the dress has!


    ( I really hope these links work from the US! 🙂 )

  24. Alli fulford

    Hi Lucy
    Not sure whether you’ll think this suitable or not, but lovely coat and in the JL sale!
    Buy Jigsaw Geo Textured Faux Fur Coat, Cream | John Lewis http://www.johnlewis.com/jigsaw-geo-textured-faux-fur-coat-cream/p675122
    Best wishes

  25. Alli fulford

    As for dresses, this would suit you but not sure it’s in keeping with Tudor Magnificence!

    Black Huxley Rose Dress | Occasion Dresses | Dresses | Hobbs http://bit.ly/1qgiFl3

    Looking forward to the programme. Best wishes


  26. Paul Pelosi

    I was at Sudeley Castle two weeks ago and I have never seen a more magnificent display of Tudor costumes. Sudeley was the home of Katherine Parr after Henry’s death – she married Thomas Seymour – and the costume display was mostly centred on the wives of Henry VIII. There is a revolting manikin of the aged Henry in full regalia.

    The costumes looked new and I couldn’t help but think that a Hollywood movie studio must have donated them. Well worth a visit. Sudeley is in the Cotswolds.

  27. Annalisa

    Not very helpful (price tag – gulp!) but after much trawling I found this Chloe ermine coloured coat with all its suitably tudor bells and whistles detailing. 10 points for trying?

  28. Annalisa

    …Next mission is to find you the high street version of this red velvet McQ dress!

  29. Rebecca

    Hi Lucy

    I’ve drawn a blank on the dresses and coat question, but I think that you would rock the ruffled neck shirt.

    Preferably, something like this (out of stock). http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Sleeveless-Shirt-With-Oversized-Ruffle-Collar/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2952784&cid=0

    Not sure about this http://www.polyvore.com/diego_reiga_dahlia_ruffle_neck/thing?context_id=3108789&context_type=lookbook&id=65001262

    but I like this one (also out of stock) http://www.dinodirect.com/blouse-shirt-women-satin-long-sleeve-ruffle-neck-stand-collar.html

    I have found an alternative on ebay but suspect the quality is poor! I realise this of no help at all, but if you like the ruffled next shirt idea, I’m on it. Bx

  30. Angantyr

    I think a neo-Regency look might suit you, with an empire-waist. I think that an empire waist most flattering type of waistline. Of course, you need to be modern, so have it reach the knee:


    Of maybe invent a neo-15th Century fashion trend? Perhaps wear a padded dress:



    No, I am joking with that one, it would be silly!!!!

    As for a winter coat, I think you cannot go wrong with a tench coat, how about green or blue?




    Thank you for reading my post (if you did of course)!

    1. Lucy Post author

      THANK YOU! I’m all sorted now, but I’m grateful you took the time!

  31. Paul Joseph Winter

    Dear Lucy,

    would I be wrong in thinking the red dress is from the portrait of Mary Fitzalan?
    Do you have any idea where this portrait currently is?

    Also, I know you’ve finished it all now but the Mary Tudor/Henry Brandon outfit really is one of the lovelier tudor outfits.

  32. Paul Joseph Winter

    (there’s another somewhere of Mary Tudor when Queen of France in a beautiful blue…. she certainly had that je ne sais quoi)

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