In which I make Ian Hislop laugh

It happened like this.  I found myself sitting next to him at a concert.  We were introduced to each other.  Conversation did not flow.  As regular readers of this blog will know, small talk is not my strong suite.

But I have at least read books on how to make conversation.  Rule number one always seems to be that you ask the other person about him or herself. So I had a go.

Me (bearing in mind that we were at a concert) …

– So, Ian, do you play a musical instrument?

Ian Hislop …

– No.

 Me (knocked back, but not yet defeated) …

– What about singing, do you like to sing?

Ian Hislop …

– No.

Me (scraping the barrel) …

– But you have come along to a concert, do you like music at all?

Ian Hislop …

– Oh, I don’t mind watching a concert.

Me (quick as a flash) …

– What, you don’t even listen?

Ian Hislop than gave a small, dry chuckle.  It was a proud moment.

3 thoughts on “In which I make Ian Hislop laugh

  1. Andrew Harrison

    Dear Lucy – well done with your small talk triumph, you played a poor hand very well indeed.
    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes.

  2. Jules

    In my opinion, he always plays hard to get.

  3. Lynsey

    Lucy, you’re hilarious…and so honest!


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