Ladies, can you please help me find a new coat?

Hello!  Now, I do appreciate that this post is going to be of limited appeal.  It’s aimed squarely at the ladies among my acquaintance – and I know that there are at least a few of you out there – who love coats and dresses as much as I do.  Apologies to everyone else.

In short, I need your help.  While it’s fair to say that no one strictly ‘needs’ a new coat, I am in the pleasant position of having been told to go and get myself one for a new TV series, and I hope for your recommendations.

Here’s the brief: needs to be a plain bright colour (not red, because that’s what I had last time) and you can see that I like funny collars, big buttons, vaguely vintage-y-looking styles.  Oh, and it must be available on the UK high street and cost no more than £250. Do let me know if you spot anything suitable!

While I’m on the subject, I’m quite often asked where I got my other coats from, so let me introduce you to some old friends …

1. My red coat from ‘Harlots, Heroines and Housewives’, which came from Jaeger. (This one only just sneaked into the affordability range because luckily it was in the sale!)









TURQUOISE2. What colour do you call this? Blue? Green? Turquoise? A matter of endless debate. Anyway, this good and trusty friend from ‘If Walls Could Talk‘ and ‘Antiques Uncovered‘ came from Hoss Intropia. It has been dry-cleaned many, many times because it kept getting stinky with woodsmoke at The Weald and Downland Museum during filming.







PURPLE3. My purple coat is in fact my favourite. I wore it in ‘Elegance and Decadence, The Age of the Regency’ and it came from LK Bennett (though had to be extensively cut down at the tailor’s, because LK Bennett make clothes for goddesses, not gnomes like me.) You can’t see it in this view, but it has a kind of cocoon shape with a very clever pleat down the back.






GREEN4. And my ‘Dorothy Hartley‘ coat, from Damsel In A Dress, which had to be short enough for bicycling.  I’m proud to say that I took six inches off the bottom BY MYSELF, with the aid of my colleague Joanna’s sewing box and some magical hemming tape.






25 thoughts on “Ladies, can you please help me find a new coat?

  1. Jo Upton

    I love your wedge shoes. Can you tell me where you get them?

    Jo Upton

    1. Lucy Post author

      They were from Hobbs.

  2. Nina Hirano

    It is only a month ago since i began watching your charming and hugely interesting programs,history told so differently. Your appearance is just right my dear,ah! all those good coats, elegant dresses your legs and bob with the clip(a must !) May i add that your language is so clear too and easy to understand. From a dane watching i Japan.

  3. Nina Hirano

    Nina back again. Sorry i can’t help you to find a new coat,but as you definitely are BBC’s golden egg they ought pay your taylors bill.

  4. Jules

    Hello Lucy,
    Fabulous, glorious coats above. You have a very distinctive style. All beautifully tailored and ‘just you’. As for another coat, that’s a tricky one. I half imagine you in perhaps Hobbs? Probably not exclusive enough, though.
    I’m sure there will be lots of useful suggestions on the way.
    Now, to more important things. Your lovely red cardigan with the cute little rosette on the shoulder? Have you finished with it yet? If so I’m willing to take it off your hands.
    Love watching the programmes, you bring history to life and make watching very compelling. Long may it continue…

  5. Anna Brown

    Talking of coats, I just saw your gory Murders programme last night and (though of course gripped by the narrative) I was very distracted by the gorgeous pale beige belted coat. Where did you get it?

  6. Amanda

    Hi Lucy
    Loved your programme last night! Wondering where you got your lovely brocade dress. Keep up the good work!

    1. Philippa

      Hear hear.

    2. Lucy Post author

      Thank you – it was from Hobbs, invitation range.

  7. Julie Gauthier

    Hi Lucy

    We love your clothes. Have a look at Ness coats
    Absolutely fabulous bags, my daughter and I have several.

  8. shirleyannecasey

    Please please tell me where you got the green dress with the scalloped edges you wore in the cathedral photo

  9. Caroline Cornell

    Was the beautiful pale blue coat with the big collar (as shown in episode one of the Georgians) your new purchase? It was really lovely.

  10. Lindsay

    Really enjoyed your programme on the First Georgians. Please can you tell me where you bought your cerise dress with flared sleeves and the ochre yellow one? Great style.

  11. Isabella

    I’m so sorry to bother you but I was watching your (excellent) new programme on the first Georgians, I’m going to your talk on it tonight and I was wondering where you got your amazing coat from. I love the colour blue and the sixties look and I’d love to know where it was from.

  12. Sofia

    Another coat related enquiry: love to know where the pink three quarter sleeve coat was from in Tales from the Royal Wardrobe. Great programme and so much more to say on the subject – will there be a Tales from the Royal Wardrobe II?

  13. eileen roszel weaver

    There is a lady called Fiona Pearce Letts who designs and makes vintage clothing in Tamworth England with a business called Adixxtion Corsetry. She makes the Peaky Blinders caps, gents jackets and waistcoats, ladies full gowns in Edwardian and Victorian era style and bridal boned dresses.
    I really feel she would be able to offer designs in your price range via an inquiry..she is on the web, FB etc,.her work is exceptional.

  14. Susan

    I love Desigual Coats and think you would too – they can be expensive but the also have good sales. Large Store in Regent Street.

  15. michelle cuellar

    Hi there! I fell in love with your light blue coat with the peter pan collar! I believe you wore it on the royal bedchambers show. Where did you get it?!

  16. Nicola

    Your lovely lilac shoes in part 2 of the Georgians – please, please where did you get them? Love your style and also the pretty yellow dress.

  17. Natascha

    After watching your program of the Romanovs, what I loved, I fell in love with that gorgeous orange and black dress you where wearing; can you pls tell me where you got it from?

  18. Lilo

    BRILLIANT programme of the Romanovs and loved Lucy’s clothes and her excellent presentation.
    Does she reply to the posts? !!!

  19. Kat

    The Hoss coat is MALLARD.

  20. Nicky hunt

    I apologise for the trivial question but I love the lipstick colour you wear in the Six Wives. I would love to know the colour as it is just what I’ve been looking for.
    Love the programme too.


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