Marvellous fan mail

Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly introduce Emily, who says she is ‘maybe’ my No. 1 fan?

(Note it’s only ‘maybe’, Emily is playing hard to get.)

Anyway, Emily has not only written me this cute letter, she has also sent drawings of me in outfits from the Middle Ages, the Tudors, the Victorians and the 1920s. What’s more, she has handwriting just like Moominmamma’s.  Emily, you have your own No. 1 fan … it’s definitely ME.

A less enthusiastic but no less amusing correspondent also writes a letter to treasure. Mr W-squiggle Jones of Shrewsbury says:

‘Dear Lucy Worsley, we do enjoy your brilliant programmes – but it is disappointing to hear you say COMMUNAL and CONTRIBUTE.  That pronunciation is not appropriate to any royal palace’.

Thanks Mr Jones, I will try harder!

6 thoughts on “Marvellous fan mail

  1. Les Wilson

    I am a great fan of yours have you a fan club.

  2. Ken Anderson

    I’ve just watched the Big Band programme.
    I get more and more impressed (and enamoured) of you each time I see you.

  3. Jenny

    Lucy worsley just loved your programme on mozart keep them coming your just fabulous x

  4. Timmy Curtias

    I absolutely love to see and hear Ms. Worsley’s documentaries. And her speach impediment ( so called ) only makes her more adorable.

  5. David Wallace

    Surely you shouldn’t have said that Catherine Howard was ‘hung, drawn and quartered’ in your programme on the wives of Henry V111 but instead used the word ‘hanged’.

  6. william sunderland

    Your BBC series on the Six Wives of Henry Vlll – stunning from start to finish – please make more historical documentaries – you alone are worth the license fee


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