Most popular posts, and best comments, of the year 2014

Hello, I hope you enjoyed the Tudor shenanigans on BBC Two last night, if you watched them!

I’m a bit late with this, aren’t I, as we’re already well into 2015?  But better late than never…

These were the most popular posts of the year on my blog! Click on them to re-read them! 

In fourth place …

4. A Bit of a Swoon about Chicago Private Eye V.I. Warshawski

In third place …

3. Take My Tudor Test!

In second place … although the moment for this has well and truly passed … please don’t add new ideas!

2. I Invite You To Be My Stylist, On The Theme Of Tudor Magnificence

And … drumroll … in first place.  The one about the trolls.  That makes me sort-of sad!  And it has a bittersweet ending: the sad gentleman now has a lovely little baby girl, but then he lost his dad this year.  Anyway, one very positive thing: I’m eternally grateful for all the lovely comments.

1. Where Have All The Female Trolls Gone?

I also thought I’d share some of my favourite spam!

     ‘Your content makes a bunch of sense, but the title is kind of plain. – Kim Kardashian.’ 

Wow, Kim, thanks for stopping by!  Thought you’d be way too busy.  That’s really nice of you!

     ‘Woah I enjoy your site content! My wife and i loved your posts. Here is my blog:’ 

I just can’t get enough of, what larks they get up to over there.

     ‘In all your clothed photos you appear to have an unusual and awkward shape to your body. However, the top Playboy type      centerfold photo of you displayed here, shows you have a remarkably attractive physique. Have more confidence in yourself ! Stop denying your obvious beauty. Print a full size of the reclining pose.’

Obviously I thought long and hard about this recommendation, but eventually, by a hair’s breadth, I decided against.

And here’s my favourite human commenter of the year.  Golden words from Dayo!

This is what Dayo had to say:

     ‘Why did you delete my comment, you skinny little weirdo?’

That’s why, Dayo, that’s why!

Here’s my favourite review that I got this year on Amazon: 

By j0nnyc “jc” (Northumberland), reviewing A Very British Murder (Hardcover)

     I’ll keep this short.

     Two words describe this book.

     Tedious and boring

     Sorry I’ll amend that – make it three

     Tedious, Boring and predicable.

     Buy it for those you are NOT enamoured with

     But don’t be surprised should they wish to poison you afterwards

And this has to be the all-time best letter ever written to the editor of the Daily Telegraph:

I forwarded it to the production team and we all celebrated together!

     SIR – It is not only Broadchurch that I find impossible to follow. This week I watched an episode of Silent Witness and although I turned up the volume, I still could not hear distinctly. Next I watched Lucy Worsley’s history programme Fit to Rule and, although it was on a much lower volume, I didn’t miss a single word uttered by her or her interviewees. 

     I no longer blame my hearing for not being able to enjoy modern television drama. 

     David Statham 

Thank you so much for joining me on my blog in 2014, and hoping you’ll be back throughout 2015, and a belated Happy New Year from

Lucy x

13 thoughts on “Most popular posts, and best comments, of the year 2014

  1. Helen

    Will they be asking for your help if the production team who dramatised “Jamaica Inn” last Easter sally forth once again?

  2. Michell Adams

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the documentaries and books I’ve read by you this year. I’ve just started The Courtiers-it’s so good! Keep up the good work. I regret not following through on my museum studies degree (getting a BA in Religion instead). I would’ve loved to work with you! ☺️

  3. Caroline

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ignore the trolls.

    You are one of my favourite people on TV let alone favourite historian, and I always get excited when I see that you have made another programme. (But not in a creepy stalker way…)

    Keep the good work up!

  4. Jeffrey Howells

    Lucy, you’re still the best even when you’re not the World’s best dancer!

  5. Chris Hough

    Watched the programme last night Wow! Absolutely brilliant Dr Starkey and you make a great team both witty and erudite. More please

  6. Julie Gildie

    Enjoyable as ever Lucy, keep up your great work and all the very best for 2015! 🙂
    P.S Many thanks to you & your staff for an immensely entertaining & fascinating programme about the Tudors – good sports all of you! 🙂

  7. John & Susan Honsky

    We enjoyed and appreciated listening to you on “The Queen’s Garden”. Thank you.

    Missoula, Montana

  8. Jacqueline

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sir Fopling Flutter

    Wonderful stuff, although shocking to see some of the more abusive comments.
    Happy new year Lucy. I especially enjoyed your joyful and ebullient dancing on the BBC programme and hope you have just as much fun in 2015.

  10. Diane

    I loved the Hampton Court re enactment. It was incredible that so much detail from that time was available.
    It must have been thrilling to be there in person and watch the procession, history comes alive.

    Thanks for doing this, I really enjoyed it!

  11. Harry Chong


  12. joanna stanley

    I’m just getting into history, probably about a year ago I came across one of you’re programmes &as they say..the rest is history 🙂
    You have so much passion that it cant but help captivate the audience,I think if yourself &Amanda Vickery were to present a programme together that would definitely be one to watch.

  13. Jo

    I was touched and amazed when watching The Queen’s Garden to hear you quote Marion Crawford telling the story about The Little Princesses peeking over the wall at people going about their lives, and wishing for a bicycle…and I knew that the story about Princess Elizabeth (Lilibet) falling into the pond looking for the duck’s nest also came from that wonderful book. Surely The Queen must have given her permission for those references, and mentioning the author, who was so reviled for the book by The Queen Mother. I was so glad to see Marion Crawford being given a gentle, loving mention.


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