New TV series on the history of dancing – some behind-the-scenes pictures for you

This week our new BBC Four series on dancing -‘Cheek to Cheek, An Intimate History of Dance’ – was officially announced at the Edinburgh Festival, and you can read the press release here.  They also released a picture taken during the day we danced the Charleston at the Cafe de Paris in Leicester Square.  What I really love about it is the gentleman in the background on the left going ‘ta da!’ with his hands.  That’s our historic dancing master, Darren Royston, in an extremely characteristic pose.  Makes me smile every time I see it.







I also have some behind-the-scenes photos for you from when we were busy filming back in July …

Here are Len and Darren polka-ing together.  At this point I was probably sitting on the corridor floor drinking tea from my flask and eating my rice cakes with Marmite and having a rest.

Len and Darren







It took these two talented ladies, Rosie our wardrobe mistress and Hayley our make-up artist, plus several hours of hard labour, to get me looking like this in my eighteenth-century minuet outfit.  It was SUCH a hot day too!

Rosie and Hayley







We did lots of dancing with Darren’s troupe, The Nonsuch Dancers.  What is Dylan doing up Amanda’s skirt?  I couldn’t possibly say.

up her skirt







Here are some of the lovely people behind the camera: Rhys, Fred, Eleanor and Emma.

Rhys Fred Eleanor and Emma







Here our director Emma tries to impress Len and Darren with her air-guitar playing.








We decided that Len looked immensely distinguished in his nineteenth-century evening suit.  Could easily have been a Victorian prime minister.

len looking distinguished







Here I’m in the final stages of getting flappered-up (finished result in top picture), and Len is telling me not to be nervous.

in make up







Here I get friendly with a Morris-dancing horse called Betley. He belongs to the Belles of London City.

Betley the horse

14 thoughts on “New TV series on the history of dancing – some behind-the-scenes pictures for you

  1. Adi

    super piccies, Lucy!

    I like the morris-dancing one best, but you look a total moviestar in all the others!


    Can’t-wait to see y’all strut-yer-stuff!!

  2. Alan King

    Marmite with Rice Cakes ????????

  3. Dean Rowell

    Which was your favourite era Lucy?

  4. Nick van V.

    Well done! And hoofing it with a horse!

  5. Andy Gemmell

    History is about documents.

  6. Bee

    Looks brilliant, Lucy. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  7. Janis

    Just a drive-by comment here from someone who LOVES your history shows. I’m in the US, where history on television pretty much consists of “Next up, Part 947 in our ongoing series Penis Extenders of Modern Warfare!” The slang name for the History Channel is the Hitler Channel. It’s really, really awful. However bad you think it is, it’s worse.

    And meanwhile, I’m always interested in what life was actually like instead of battles. (There’s always some bunch of guys with clubs beating up some other bunch of guys with clubs — who cares?) Instead of that nonsense, say I’m a farmer in ancient Egypt. I wake up, get up from my … bed? stuffed mattress? plank of wood?

    I take off my … pajamas? overshirt? loincloth? nothing?

    and reach for a nice hot cup? of … what, exactly? Do I pack a lunch? What’s in it?

    This to me is history, and I love seeing it on your shows. Thank you so much for doing REAL history that answers the only real question there is, in my opinion: “What was it LIKE to live back then?”

  8. Joolz

    Wow. I can’t wait. When is this scheduled to be on TV? :o)

  9. Peter Barker

    Lucy, having seen your previous excellent programmes I’m really looking forward to your Cheek To Cheek series having seen a trailer with Len on breakfast TV. Please let me know when it starts. Thanks Peter

  10. Clara

    I’m really looking foreward to this show! My father was the Star Ballroom junior Charleston Champion in 1929. I love your history programmes so Thankyou!

  11. j Ross

    When does the series on history of dancing start I cant wait

  12. Charlie E

    You’re great Lucy!
    Dance with me,
    Then marry me : )

  13. Marijke Anna

    Thank you Lucy Worsley, the dancing serie
    was great.I loved every minute of it !


  14. Erin

    Loving every single documentary you are a part of! I’m particularly enjoying your getting “in character” (costume, choreography, etc) as I’ve been seeing in your later work – both educational and great fun. Many thanks.


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