Filming at the Dennis Severs house, 18 Folgate Street

Two days of filming at Dennis Severs’ house in Folgate Street, Spitalfields.

Having been round many times as a rapt visitor, I was intrigued to learn how the house actually works behind the scenes.

The secrets I discovered which I cannot reveal!  This particular sequence was about Georgian lighting: by candlelight you can see how the gilding on Georgian furniture, the silver in Georgian dresses, even the gold rim around dining plates, are all intended to sparkle and make the available light go further.  You can see here how my dress makes me into a human silver candlestick.

Also enjoyed a Georgian tea party with Amanda Vickery and Jane Pettigrew.

One thought on “Filming at the Dennis Severs house, 18 Folgate Street

  1. Dawn Worsley

    I’m interested to know if the filming for Dennis Sever’s house has a broadcast date. I remember the BBC programme fronted by Dan Cruickshank and have been fascinated with the house ever since.
    Thank you,


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