Where are all the female trolls? From the horrid to the heartwarming…

It’s really quite striking that the nasty emails I receive (usually about my voice, it seems) are all from men.

Come on, ladies!  You need to make up for lost ground here.  The male trolls are way ahead of you.

Usually I just press delete, but occasionally I call a troll out, and even more occasionally, he apologises.  Another trick that I learned from the estimable Stella Creasy (brilliant in so many ways) is to send them back a picture of a cute kitten.  That really does annoy them so much that you never ever hear from them again.

This delightful zinger is from either Mr Allan Evan or Timothy Evans, I’m not sure of his name…

‘Unfortunately, your speech impediment is so irritating that I cannot bear to watch, or listen to, your programmes. I am not alone, when I speak with acquaintances.  Your excuse about a long tongue is nonsense. It is your parents’ fault for not repeatedly correcting your speech when you were a child. No doubt the middle class, bleeding heart, liberal, save-the-wales ninnies thought “Oh how sweet she sounds” a la Just William “I will scweam and scweam and scweam”. In the real world it is highly irritating.  And why do you insist on those close-ups which ram your speech impediment down our throats. You are not presenter material. Why not just write books. “Fwedewick” and “Wule Bwitannia”. That is what I just heard you say on a programme about the Georgians on BBC iPlayer. I simply had to turn off. It reminds me of Michael Palin’s character in “Life of Brian” … “Shall we welease, Woger, Wodewick…” I just cannot take you seriously. Sorry old girl. I suppose it could be worse. You could have a lisp too!’

I’m sure Mr Evan or Evans is a delightful man.  What I’m not sure about is WHY ON EARTH DOES HE BOTHER sending me much a long message? Has he nothing better to do with his time? Has he no family, friends or hobbies?  (Hum, on consideration, maybe not!)

He certainly makes me think that I’m totally wasting my time maintaining my website!

But then again, a message like this will come along, which just melts my stony old heart, and makes me vow to keep going.

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for keeping my mind busy during a very difficult period earlier in the year.  My partner and I lost our baby girl and during that time we were in hospital a lot and I was on my own in the house for long periods of time.  I started watching all your programmes and read your books.  It was a great distraction from everything else that was going on at the time … so interesting.  I hope this doesn’t come across as weird or creepy, I just wanted to say a really big thank you’.

This lovely gentleman’s girlfriend is now pregnant again, I’m happy to say, and hopefully he will no longer need my services.

So, from the horrid to the heart-warming, a long and happy Bank Holiday weekend to you, trolls and all!

89 thoughts on “Where are all the female trolls? From the horrid to the heartwarming…

  1. Kevin Jaskolka

    As I mentioned in my letter of December 2013, there are some of us here in Minneapolis who just absolutely adore you, and I’m partway through the print History of the Home and LOVING it. I love that you’re a presenter and I can read it and hear it in my head in your voice. Part of that stems from my memory being based on sound and vision, it helps me remember what I’ve learned.

    So while I KNOW you weren’t fishing for it, I will say again: We adore Dr. Worsley!

  2. Jerry W

    People who write such drivel are not worth reacting to in any way.. they should not make you feel anything at all as they simply don’t deserve it.
    Me, I don’t dislkike your “impediment,” if such it is, in any way at all. It is a part of you. I just wanted to thank you for making history so interesting to me, in a way that a battery of schoolteachers failed utterly to do. Use this thought please, to balance out idiots like the above.

    1. Colin Mc

      That’s exactly how I feel too. I hated history at school and watching programmes like The First Georgians have started an interest I never thought I would have.

  3. Mark Bellamy

    Dear Lucy
    For every hideous troll there are thousands of
    Lucy supporters.On behalf of us all, show him nothing but contempt.
    Remember “empty vessels make the most noise ”
    Carry on regardless !
    Mark Bellamy

  4. Sarah

    Your speech pattern is acknowledged in our house by you being referred to as ‘The Historvian’…and everyone knows who we mean. Any reference to you immediately elicits squeals of delighted joy at your knowledge and enthusiasm…oh and dressing up!

  5. Melanie Fallon

    I actually like your imperfect speech. It goes well with your off-beat-shit-cool dress sense. Cheerio! from Galway

    1. Jay

      Hear! Hear! Piss-elegant, I’d say. And what a sad email, rightly reproduced here for all to see. Someone setting out anonymously, to deliberately attempt to wound a complete stranger on a very personal front, says a whole lot about the abuser. Do please desist Lucy, and not even for a moment contemplate shutting the blog up and ditching it in a drawer? Among our historians on TV, your knowledge, scripting and delivery is one of the most concise and pleasurable. All that with a genuine ability to communicate well. The BBC is on to ‘a good thing’ – as is evident in the growing numbers of new history enthusiasts among us. Far and wide! (PS – looking at the 6 *man* panel on another blog here – Heritage convention – perhaps the abusive writer hasn’t got beyond accepting 1950’s style presentation on our TV screens?)

  6. Bazzer

    Take no notice. The world is full of “little” people like him, with little else to do than make petty, personal snipes at others. I wonder which of you is a successful professional, presenting interesting programs on TV, authoring books & making history entertaining – and which one is getting all het up about some perceived “imperfection”? He of course most certainly is perfect! I wish he would post his CV on here ‘cos I think we could all learn so much from Mr Perfect 🙂
    Just do what you do Lucy – he’ll just shrivel back under his dark, damp rock in time.
    I think you’re great AND your “impediment” is a little but sexy 😉

  7. David Cookson

    Hiya Dr Lucy

    Good grief … it’s just the way you speak … doesn’t he realise that? (Well, clearly not). FWIW, I find your programmes and your books fascinating. I think your presentation style (including the rhotacism, and certainly not in spite of it) is tip-top. I think this country is blessed at present with a surge of history experts who make history come alive for ordinary members of the public, and you are right up there leading the field.

    I can also be incredibly patronising when I’m trying to be complimentary. Please take all the above as a massive compliment!

    With best wishes

    David Cookson

  8. Nicholas H

    Tell Mr Evans to go to Oxford and get a First Class degree, then he will be able to start criticizing you… For me you bring History to the masses and for someone with such a depth of knowledge on their subject to talk with such enthusiasm in a way that engages viewers of all sizes, shapes, colours and classes is a rare commodity. You are an asset to the BBC and although I am studying a science (for PhD) your programmes are one of the few things keeping me going. I hope that you carry on inspiring Historians and Scientists everywhere with your rhotic wonderfulness!

  9. Mike

    Take pity of these trolls, they are a sad and inadequete set of individuals.

    I love your voice; it’s part of the wonderfully unique and refreshing way you deliver history. Don’t change it!

  10. Carolyn Cash

    Hi Lucy,

    Some people are just so darned rude!

    Hang in there, and don’t let the trolls get you down.

    Some comedy shows used to send up Barbara Walters because of the way she talked too.

    I enjoy watching your documentaries, and can’t wait for the Georgians to air here. SBS One recently aired your antiques show.

    A copy of your book, “Courtiers”, arrived in the mail today, and I look forward to reading it.

    I don’t know as much about the Georgians as other eras of British History, so I am eager to find out more. We Australians have George III to thank for helping to kick-start our wool industry.

  11. Brian Robins

    I can answer your question. The female trolls are all too busy with Rupert Christiansen and his critic colleagues (following the Glyndebourne reviews of Der Rosenkavalier) to worry about you. Their creepy male acolytes are engaged in this activity too. Obviously idiots such as the one you quote above can safely be ignored

  12. amanda

    i think mr. evans/evan must have the smallest doodah on the planet , but trying to make up for it in such a cruel way is quite frankly sad. you are the best the best presenter on tv, your programmes are interesting and fun, i love history anyway, but with you its brilliant. stay with us always

    1. amanda

      i would also like to add my congratulation to the couple expecting a baby, fabulous news. and by the way i dont even notice an impediment, i’m bareley 5ft tall and friends are always taking the mick (in fun) the only time it really bothers me is when i cant reach the top shelf in tesco. we all have our imperfections, none of us are perfect (apart from mr. evans/evan of course) lets celebrate them and make them work for us. we love you lucy

  13. Melanie Jervis

    I’d like to let you know I agree with Jerry W, what you say in your programmes makes history come alive in a way that sitting in a classroom never did. The way you speak barely registers with me. I enjoy your dress sense and your obvious enthusiasm for your subject. Most of us don’t take the time to comment because we aren’t full of resentment. The more I learn about autistic spectrum disorders, the more it explains the sort of behaviour shown by trolls, with no concern for the way it makes others feel.

  14. Julian Sturrock

    The guy is suffering from an attitude impediment. Don’t let these small minded losers get to you.

  15. colin smith

    All that research, knowldege and history delivered with enthusiasm, gusto and imagination…

    More of the same please.

    Such a shame that there is a need in many to try to bring others down or to hurt or offend.

  16. Harry Butler

    Please ignore these low life’s – I find you entirely delightful.

  17. John Salsbury

    I am saddened at the men who insult you for your manner of speech. It says a little something about these men who feel the need to mention it. Perhaps they are simply seeking attention ? Most men, instinctively feel protective towards to girls, especially those who have a lisp, or a stutter..or any other type of speech difference.
    I for one think that you are interesting, witty, informative and adorable. I like the way you smile at the trolls and would like to “smile” along with you.
    I would guess that the trolls who pick on a person like you are insecure and generally lacking in self worth..(maybe as a result of some tough parenting or schooling in early life where they were constantly corrected and told that their own way of speaking was wrong ? )
    My own brother was bullied by teachers for being left handed. NOT by our parents, and NOT by other children or siblings…JUST the teachers.
    Carry on Lucy, we love your sense of humour and your cheeky naughty mischievous side. I bet there are many anecdotes surrounding you as a child.

  18. Andrew West

    MY goodness Lucy, that prompted a storm of positivity! I can but echo all those compliments and good wishes. If you ever want to stage a big event, rather than just you dressing up, it looks like you’ll have an army behind you!
    Andrew x

  19. Sharon Richmond

    To Mr. Evans I say Piffle! My husband and I love your programs,and there is nothing wrong with your voice. Thank you for making history fun!

  20. Pam

    Well in our house you are our heroine Lucy, long may you reign, or ‘weign’ if you would prefer 😉

  21. Stacy

    Your speech impediment (as an American, I just thought it was your accent!) only makes you more adorable. You sound just like a professor of mine. Don’t let the trolls get you down; they’re just angry people with no outlet!

  22. Ray

    It must take a fair while to write the long comment of the troll, it shows he has looked at you with some intensity before giving up on you. Maybe he likes you really but just can not bring himself to admit it,. Where as me and my wife think your great .

  23. A Nanny Goat

    Some ignorant men feel threatened by intelligent interesting and popular women – Their loss. Indeed my elderly father would prefer you to read the news (as a side-line of course) rather than some of the mumbling readers that we have at the moment as he understands your every word. We all know the story about the troll ! Thank you for reawakening our love of history.

  24. Jan

    Hmm, and I bet Mr Troll is perfect in every way… Big raspberry to him! Keep up the good work Lucy, I think you are a wonderful presenter and your programmes are fascinating.

  25. Charlene

    Unfortunately, it seems trolls and complainers are the ones with the biggest mouths so you hear from them the most. There are many of us who love, you, your books, and programs. I had the real pleasure of attending your lecture in Philadelphia this month and could not have enjoyed it more (I told you that you have my dream job!) You’re a fantastic presenter and make history, which could be dull and boring, fun and interesting. You can count me as one of your biggest fans!

  26. Lynne


    Honest-to-God, I have never heard anything “wrong” with your diction. I think your speaking voice is lovely – so expressive! Screw the haters!

  27. Jane and Mark Eaton

    Hi Lucy

    We cannot comprehend what motivates people like Evans to write such unpleasant, unjustifiable and untrue rubbish. We really find you presentational style refreshing, informative and truly educational. Your ebullient personality and passion shine through . We have read all of your books and were exteremly impressed when we came to see your presentation at Haworth last year. We subsequently became members of HRP.

    Jane and Mark Eaton

  28. Alistair Irvine

    I’m obviously a chap, but certainly don’t have any troll type genes, so I’d happily listen to you reading the Argos catalogue. However, I should add that your history programmes are much more interesting (the Georgian series was fascinating), so please stick to the day job – you’re much appreciated in this household.

  29. Rene'

    Maybe the females appreciate quality and the male (trolls) are threatened by it.

  30. Lucy Too

    Hi Lucy,

    It made me
    Smile to read the heartwarming message. I’m off work at the moment with anxiety, (sometimes so bad I feel like I’m vibrating); but your programmes distract me and make me laugh, too. I think you’re brill. So brill I hadn’t really noticed your voice. Hopefully one day idiots like this man will realise that you are an intelligent, interesting and engaging presenter rather than a target for his anger.

    Best wishes,

  31. Stephanie

    As so often is the case, the letter reveals so much more about the writer than the recipient. It is his loss if he doesn’t want to listen to an intelligent and lively person on the television. I for one always eagerly await your programs and books to arrive in the US.

  32. Nick van V.

    Oh dear. That is indeed one unpleasant troll.

    Speaking as someone else with no family, friends, or hobbies, let me assure you that Mr. Evan/Evans certainly does not represent the vast majority of us, who find you and your work delightful, informative, and thoroughly charming.

    I haven’t noticed anything wrong with your speech patterns, but even so, so what? It’s a big world and people speak in different ways. Mr. Evan/Evans, if you’re reading this, you would do well to a) get over yourself, and b) go suck an egg.

    Thank you, Dr. Worsley, and don’t let ’em get you down.

  33. Linda Nicholson

    Oh take no notice of the nasty old trolls Lucy. You set a shining example of a lovely woman with brains and the ability to share knowledge and he’s just cross that he’s out of your league. Keep on walking over the bridge and let the trolls stay in their place beneath it…..

  34. Anonymous


    I’ve watched a good number of your programmes and, until reading this post, I never knew you had a speech impediment. It gets hard but try to ignore the trolls/idiots.

  35. Susannah

    What speech impediment? I think you sound fab and I utterly love your programmes, hanging on every word. Yours is one of the most intelligent voices on TV. Your Radio Three programmes made lovely Saturday afternoon listening. I was quite sorry when they came to an end! I love the idea of sending sickeningly cute kitten pictures to trolls!!

  36. Julie charalambides

    Wonder if any of these sad bastards, and occasional bastardettes (bitch just doesn’t seem so bad after Jesse Pinkman) have ever achieved the level of learning and influence and respect that the recipients of their viciousness have done? The question is rhetorical…
    PS You make learning a joy

  37. Karen

    You have a speech impediment? Never noticed, I’ll have to rewatch every program I’ve ever seen you in (and really enjoyed) again to see if I can find it.

  38. Dave Horton

    My wife and I think you are great. Any programme advertised where you are a presenter we make sure we record/watch.

  39. Chris Hough

    How sad that this “gent” and other members of my sex cannot get their heads past the way you look or sound (shades of the equally estimable Mary Beard).
    I value you and others like you as someone with a superb brain and boundless enthusiasm for your subject and a skill in the art of communication of ideas that is second to none

    The message is so much more important than the messenger You have kept me vastly entertained and learnt me a good deal as well in the last few years
    I would highly recommend your radio 3 programmes about the Georgian queens both for a light into the lives of these overlookedwomen and also some georgious music.

  40. Heidi

    Dear Lucy,
    do you REALLY want any nasty emails from women?! 😉 Nah, I don’t think so and it would take gender equality to an undesirable level :P. But I’m sure that women can be just as vile and mean as men. However, the male specimen you described can as best be categorized as a sad and pedantic git. Despite everything he holds against you, he seems to have followed you and your programmes a lot (discussing you with acquaintances, knowing the actual reason for your speech impediment etc…) , so why on earth make all this effort to slam you then? Maybe he actually fancies you and is incapable of expressing this sentiment – men, you know…!
    The thing that annoyed me personally most about his post was the “old girl” part, for that he should receive a good slap. But at the end of the day, such an undignified expression of frustration (as a valve for his own deficits?) should not waste your time. There are so many people out there who love and appreciate your work and your quirky personality, they vastly outnumber the twats. Or maybe you could forward the worst emails to your followers and fans to deal with them *gets the cyberspace-baseball bat / kitten out*

  41. Carrie Bean

    I think it’s a shame he didn’t learn the correct spelling of Whales. or does he genuinely believe Welsh people are in some kind of peril? Soz, I mean of course, perygl

  42. Mark Mc

    Women in the public eye are always randomly-selected targets for the many misogynists out there–fellow historians not excluded! (I suspect one or two of them are jealous that you get to dress up). It definitely took me a while to get used to your speech-pattern–as it took a while to get used to watching Mary Beard–now I greatly enjoy both. On a slightly similar tack, I’ve also run across posts by guys absolutely savaging Alastair Sooke to a similar ridiculous degree.

  43. Lisby

    Lucy, you are a goddess among historians and women. Pay no heed to this ridiculous Evans person. He a twit of major magnitude. You make history fun. And those of us in love with history and fun therefore love you an awful lot, too.

  44. Naziya

    As such a clever, witty and kind woman, you are such an inspiration to me and all other women seeking to make a fabulous career from their passions and interests.

    By the way, never even noticed the ‘impediment’.

  45. Andrew Russe (Thingammie)

    It kinda beggars belief…

    We end up thinking we “know” the people that come into our lives via our televisions, internet, books, and so on. And now, with this interweb thingie, I’ve found we can get over-familiar with them if we write to them. You, Lucy, seem to be especially good at making us feel that you are our friend, someone who is exceedingly approachable. I myself tend to forget that I don’t know you, and that you don’t know me, when I write to you (and reading what I’ve sent, a few days later, I often find myself going “oh you IDIOT!”)

    But this Evan/Evans message, taken at face value, beggars belief. Do you get much of this? I’m so sorry…

    I can understand why someone feels moved to write because they like you. But I just do not understand how someone feels that it’s OK to write just to say “I don’t like you” (unless, as someone else has pointed out, he does really… and has a mighty odd way of expressing it).

    It’s perfectly alright to hold an “I don’t like them” opinion about someone. It’s even alright to discuss them in this light in open forums (although, personally, I’m rather annoyed when I catch myself doing it). But to come out and say it *privately* to the person themselves???!

    Did Mr Evan/Evans consider whether, on finding himself in the same room as you, he might feel it appropriate to approach you and say these things in person? I hope that he had in fact neglected to ask himself this… otherwise… well, being prepared to say things like that to someone’s face would make him a rather difficult person to be around.

    Or perhaps he fell into the trap of being over-familiar, and felt he was being amusing in a way that you would appreciate? Good grief, man! She *might* be thick-skinned (somehow I doubt it), but NOBODY is that thick-skinned!!! It has made wonder, though, whether I’ve written anything to you that I’ve misread/misunderstood in this way. I so hope not… Apologies if I have.

    I’m guessing that most of us, at some point when we were little, had a wiser, older relative who gave the very sound advice of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” … It does seem that many, including those of us who are now meant to be “older and wiser”, tend forget this when we jump on the internet.

    You MUST look after yourself, Lucy, but I hope that you continue to receive enough heart-warming messages to keep you going. I for one would really miss your blogs and tweeting, and… well, the opportunity to approach you like this.

    Happy bank holiday weekend to you too 🙂
    A x

  46. Christine

    I can’t add anything better to the other comments but just wanted to say please carry on Lucy. I love watching your programmes and reading your blog and I know I’m not alone.

  47. Geoff Hallett

    My impediment was stammering really badly from about 4 years old to late teens. Bullied at school, it ruined my education. It can cause real distress. One annotator thought yours sounded slightly sexy, l do, but didn’t like to say.

  48. Chris Hough

    Lucy Small minded people who find fault in others diction or appearance are not worth losing any sleep over
    Your contribution to the understanding of history will remain long after people who carp and pick fault about the presenter are forgotten.
    Continue with your well written well presented programmes and keep publishing your books which so often help flesh out your subjects.

  49. Gary Pilkington

    I can’t believe what I have just read !
    I totally agree with Mark Bellamy. For every one of these unjustified comments, there’s thousands of people, me included, that’s had years of pleasure from Lucy’s programmes.
    Lucy, just carry on with what you do best, and keep your fans happy.

  50. Paul

    You and your work are much respected and appreciated.
    Please keep blogging & don’t let the Dullards bring you down.

  51. Robin coleman

    You have a loverly vioce

  52. Omi

    The truly sad thing of course about people who feel the need to be unkind and hurt others is their own miserable state. This man is so full of mean spirit in his heart that I pity him. That does not mean that I feel sorry for him… well, actually I do. His anger and bitterness is eating him away, whilst you get to do what you love every single day, yipppeeeee!!!
    And we have the pleasure in watching you, yippppeeee!!!!

  53. Jacques Dunes

    Because loving can be a mystery game, madame Worsley.

    Keep on not watching, Mr Troll. (wink! wink!)

  54. Derek Saunders

    Lucy, it is not impediment, it is you, everyone of us is different in one way or another, the trolls are different to us in that they are lonely creatures who hide behind the internet.

    My wife and I love your programmes, they are made by the fact you present them, they are you and your passion.

    Keep your chin up and ignore those whose are internet cowards

  55. Ladywithlapdog

    I used to enjoy listening to your voice but it’s becoming so familiar now that it sends me to sleep! Same thing happened with Prof Brian Cox!

  56. A Reader

    My immediate reaction to Mr. Evans’ socially inept message was that it made me think of the main character (Don Tillman) in The Rosie Project, which I’ve just read. But I realised that Evans doesn’t have either the personality or the intellect of Don, and probably not the looks either.
    Whereas you come across as having the female version of the best of all those things, combined with those of Rosie.
    I have to confess to not knowing of you before (rarely watch television) but will certainly keep an eye out for you and your work from now. So, in an odd way, I’m grateful for Evans’ crass comments. 🙂

  57. Paul

    I don’t know why anyone would want to criticise Dr. Worsley’s voice or presentational style at all. I didn’t even know it was a so-called ‘speech defect’ until she mentioned it on her blog. If that’s a speech defect, then can I have one too please! Her lucid, passionate and engaging style on ‘Courtiers’ has inspired me to put down my ILP on George Eliot (not an easy thing to accomplish) and watch the three episodes back to back and read ‘Courtiers’ from front to back as well. Her conversation on the honour roll of ‘chaps’ debating issues in a Georgian coffee houses was hilarious: ‘Genius, who’s put that down as a profession’, and ‘Highwayman! Don’t tell me they had a Highwayman in there too!’ Hilarious and great stuff! I wanted to pull up a chair and join her, pint, or rather, should I say, coffee, in hand. A rare idiosyncratic blend of personality, physical beauty and incisive intelligence. By way of inspiring a complementary Georgian association, Amanda Vickery and Beryl Bainbridge get a go now too. Many thanks for all the fun and keep on belting it out!

  58. Kim Taylor

    Hi Lucy,
    I’m not going to comment on the troll ( he is not worth it) You however are fantastic, a pleasure to watch and listen to. Keep up the great work..

    Kim ( Western Australia )
    P.S I’m a bloke too..

  59. Lucy Post author

    Dear cyber-friends, thank you all very much for these very kind words! I’ve been touched by each and every comment. Very best wishes from Lucy

  60. David

    Everyone gets trolls. It is free therapy for them to abuse others. I’d bet my last groat that you have a thousand fans for every troll. Keep going “old girl”!

  61. Stephen Barker

    Mr Evans should try listening to the message than concentrating on the messenger, I can’t say had noticed a speech problem. I thought he is patronising.
    On the whole I enjoy your programmes and I appreciate that you are enthusiastic about your subjects. Having watched you carrying amateur dramatics in the murder series I would suggest that you stick to the day job and abandon any thoughts of a career on stage,
    What’s next? How about a programme on bluestockings in 18th Century, or Mrs Coade or the rise of actresses from the Restoration say to Mrs Siddons.

  62. Cathy Mosscrop

    I picture Mr Evans as a very small man, in every conceivable way, and therefore entirely below everyone’s notice. Give him not another thought Lucy.

    So many of us love your presenting style, every bit of it, and eagerly await anything you care to present us with. Change nothing. You never disappoint.

  63. barbara stoffa

    Mr. Evan/Evans seems to be fairly rivalrous with you and engaged in a desperate rush of “Watch me, Mommy. Watch me, Mommy.” In addition, he has shockingly poor manners.
    We constitutes a minuscule slice of the population.
    The rest of us adore you. We are impressed with the quality of your material. We find you girlishly attractive. We love the intense delight in your work that you radiate. We are dazzled by
    your ability to make all of your subjects fascinating.
    You are happy and charming and everyone wishes that you were their friend.
    Focus on us, the great majority, who love you, not the jealous, mean-spirited creeps like Evan/Evans.
    Best wishes from the old US of A,
    Barbara Stoffa

  64. Simon Burrows

    Hi Lucy,

    As a bloke who has watched and enjoyed many of your programmes, I can honestly say that you are a pleasure to listen to.

    What’s most striking and appealing about the way you talk is how the passion and excitement you have for a subject you obviously love comes through loud and clear in every sentence.

    Keep up the excellent work and remember that for every one of the trolls, there are thousands of us who love what you do!

    Simon Burrows

  65. Fiona McGrath

    It takes a brave woman to put her head above the parapet of TV and conversely it takes a slimy invertebrate to remain under his lonely, cold rock. Misogyny should always be called out because it’s detrimental to the whole of society. Thank you 🙂

  66. Jamie

    Personally, i love your way of speaking! It’s musical to me, and you have so much passion for your work! You have a great attitude about the Trolls, I only hope I can learn to deal with them the same way. Please keep being you…that is the best way to be!

  67. Claire Jordan

    I don’t think I have anything startling to add to the debate, but for whatever it’s worth to you, I’m so incensed by the above troll quote that I just wanted to say Thank You for… well, for making me Feel Better. When I have had a bit of a rubbishy day, or am feeling a trifle Defeated by Life, if I see one of your prograpmmes on Yesterday or on the i-Player, I will watch again, because you simply make me Feel Better about Things… there’s another girl in the world with a decent sense of humour, who loves History, who Gets It… Hooray!… and then I don’t feel quite so much like I’m holding the Alamo alone!

  68. Greg Dobrin

    Fans of Dr. Lucy (the very best of the celebristorians), please keep this under your hats or you could get the man sacked! The following is a personal, private email leaked to me by an ITT friend at BBC Four:

    Dear Nephew,
    While it was my pleasure to consider the audition reel your mother sent me of your first and only client (a Mr. something-or-other Evan…or was it Evans – his name escapes me at present), unfortunately, and with a view to guiding you at this early stage of your career, I must be brutally honest: I found his manner of speaking so irritating I could hardly bear to watch or listen to him. Ditto my colleagues here at BBC Four. What’s worse, when he came in for his interview we found him unapologetically misogynistic. Has a grudge against successful women, does he? To be honest, it was damned uncomfortable to hear a man of such advanced years sputtering on about his bitterness. I can tell you he didn’t make any friends here, especially when he stopped Janice Hardlow in the hallway and asked her, with a pat on her bottom and calling her “Dearie,” to fetch him coffee. Anyway, he has a face for Radio 4, not BBC Four. (Those audition close-ups were squirm-inducing, to say the least.) He is not presenter material. He should…write video games, or something. The man is quite mad. Talking of Looney Tunes, he reminds me, in looks and speech, of the Bugs Bunny cartoon character, Elmer Fudd (“Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”). Sorry, young Clive. Best get yourself another client.
    Aunt Dot

  69. Susan Bradley

    Since I live in the USA, all of you guys on the BBC have speech impediments.

    Seriously, I can understand your presentations just fine. Perhaps there are no female trolls because we can hear just fine and have no problems with listening when called upon to do so.

  70. Denise

    Your troll has a better grasp of English grammar and punctuation than most trolls. Could he be a jealous colleague? Whoever he is, ignore him; his silly message says more about him than about you! Anyway, I’ll bet the lovely emails in your inbox far outweigh the nasty ones.:-)

  71. Michael

    From the delightful way you speak to the chic clothes you wear, from your cheerful wit to your intellectual enthusiasm, you, Dr Worsley, are all style – with or without your hair clip. As for trolls, leave them in the gloom-filled brooding of their shameful anonymous lives because they all live in fear (as Tolkien taught us) of the gentle, joyful light of the morning sun.

  72. D.

    I’m from Germany and believe me, to my ears there are few English speakers who have such a clear pronunciation and fine intonation like you. Apart from the wonderful explanations I love your broadcasts because of your voice: I could understand every single word you say whereas I sometimes have difficulties to catch the muttering of some of your interview partners.

  73. Christy

    It’s such a shame when people feel the need to point out others’ ‘faults’ as they perceive them. What purpose does that serve other than to upset the person they are speaking to?! I am a teacher so I talk all day long. My voice is high pitched and nasal but it’s the way I speak and there is nothing I can do about it! The children have never had a problem understanding me in the 12 years I have been teaching, just as I have no problem understanding you, Lucy. I think you speak beautifully. Thank you for being yourself and making learning fun. I hope that my students find me as interesting as I find you!

  74. Scotty

    What speech impediment? I love the way you speak.
    I look forward to watching more of your programmes on TVO in Canada. Very educational and enjoyable.

  75. Nicola Hensel

    I just wanted to thank you. Since watching your documentaries I have become slightly obsessed with British Royal history. Me! A feminist, republic- wanting Australian woman! You just have a knack for making history gobsmackingly interesting. I now have my whole family watching as well and I feel quietly shocked that we can talk at length about Georgian kings. (My daughter and I also sigh a little over your coats) Thanks so much lovely Lucy.

  76. Elisheva

    I am a french student in english/ mum and my daughter and i adore you! You are so lovely, funny and well dressed! And your documentaries are captivating , wonderful and you inspire me so much : seeing someone living one’s passion so deeply!
    Thank you!! Love

  77. Peter Drotos

    Well, I may seem like a fool, but I haven’t noticed your speech impediment until it was pointed out in this e-mail. 🙂
    Anyway, it doesn’t not take away anything form the great work you do and the great shows you make for s to watch!
    Keep up the good work!

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  79. Matt

    Lucy your speech is music to the ears and soul, you make history come alive with your enchanting dressups etc, you have come a long way from your first ventures with the world of TV, now on radio, in print and known all over the world but have you let the fame go to your head (Well maybe at times!!!LOL!) no you are still the same lovable Lucy (pardon me your Lucky Husbandness!!). So hoping we continue to have you gracing our TV Screens and Airwaves for many more years I wish you and your Husband a wonderful 2015. Matt

  80. Sheena

    I really enjoy your history programmes and always find myself thinking about them for a while afterwards. I think this is the mark of a great documentary. I’ve started to read ‘The Blazing-World’, which, but for your show, I’m sure I’d never have heard of. Thank you!

  81. Richard Worther

    Your voice is sexy as hell – that troll needs to p*ss right off, seriously. Wish I could punch him in the nose for you!

    1. Richard Worther

      By the by, I really enjoy your documentaries, and so do my kids. We are still watching all the History of the Home episodes. Love your mode of presentation, your humor, your total immersion into the subject at hand, you’re a wonderful host!

  82. Helene Dobbs

    It amazes me that some people are so idiotic, but I’m heartened to know that you ignore them. There are so few female historians as it is, although I have a feeling these men are threatened by the fact that you’re cleverer that them!

  83. T. Ruck

    Methinks your troll is deprived and jealous. I became twitterpated with your voice after I heard three sentences.

    I just watched your presentations on the Hanoverian Georgians Dynasty. If that was a speech impediment that kept me riveted to the screen I certainly wish I could go swimming in the sound of it. Hoping to avoid sounding obsequious, I must say that your speech has the cadence and excitement of someone both lovable and in love with her subject material. You’ve got Pharalyngial assets, woman.

    How a man can attack a Lady with such a broad mind and enthusiasm for history? These misogynists gripe about women not being cultured and intelligent, then go on to attack you for being cultured and intelligent. You are the essence of the intelligent, independent, and dignified woman that a reasonable man should hope to rub elbows with.

    Keep wolling fowaad, Ms. Worsley!

  84. Mr E

    I just finished watching the second episode of the Empire of the Tsars I think it’s great. Stay in the TV presenter business

  85. Taylor

    Methinks his comments say far more about him than about you. I have a vision of him as a small boy, cowering in front of a hectoring parent, who stands there, hands on hips, giving him the what-for. And now he feels impelled to carry on the family tradition of verbally flogging everyone in sight. Btw, like the vast majority of people, I think you’re terrific.


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