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New BBC film: ‘Food in England, The Lost World of Dorothy Hartley’

‘‘Food in England’, The Lost World of Dorothy Hartley’ … is a brand-new programme due to be shown on BBC4 at 9pm on Tuesday 6th November. It’ll be accompanied by a new edition of some of Dorothy’s journalism from the 1930s, ‘Lost World’ (left), published by Prospect Books with an extensive new biographical introduction.  Any

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‘You rang, Majesty?’ … an article about royal servants

With Downton Abbey back again, and an interesting-looking new series on domestic service beginning this week on BBC2, here’s a relevant article I wrote a couple of years ago for the BBC Who Do You Think You Are? magazine.  It’s about how go about your research if you think ancestors of yours may have worked

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Ladies, can you please help me find a new coat?

Hello!  Now, I do appreciate that this post is going to be of limited appeal.  It’s aimed squarely at the ladies among my acquaintance – and I know that there are at least a few of you out there – who love coats and dresses as much as I do.  Apologies to everyone else. In

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Larking around in bed at Avebury Manor

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Here’s an article about royal sleeping arrangements from the new National Trust magazine.  We did have fun larking around in the bed taking the photos! Sleeping Beauties Visit our country houses and you’ll soon run across the phenomenon that is the ‘state bed’.  Reserved for rare royal visits, these status symbols represented the most expensive item

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