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On the perils of writing book reviews

I’ve been getting some reviews for my new book A Very British Murder this week, and I’m delighted to reveal that the Sunday Times, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Literary Review and the Express have all had something nice to say.  THERE, having got the real reason for this post (a bit of showing off)

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Murderous ornaments, puppets, knick-knacks, ritual artefacts and books

Well, as you seem to have been enjoying the pictures of various murderous ornaments I’ve been putting on Twitter and Facebook recently, I thought I’d share an article I recently wrote in the BBC History Magazine with more detail… As Britain’s cities expanded in the early 19th century, so too did the nation’s obsession with

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Why I was disappointed by the ‘Heritage Centenary Debate’

My work took me to Germany last week, so I missed the heritage debate held at the RIBA last Monday night: a big event supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council with the participation of English Heritage, The National Trust and the Society of Antiquaries. I’m as interested in anyone else in the future

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It’s publication day for ‘A Very British Murder’ …

… so here’s a recent article, from ‘The Mail on Sunday’, to tell you what it’s all about.   Wearing a demure white mob-cap, I step out onto the stage of London’s Old Vic theatre. I am Maria Marten, a village maiden, secretly meeting my lover.  But my – or Maria’s – happiness is to

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A Very British Murder

Posted on by Lucy

Dear readers, some of you have noticed that my blog has been rather quiet in the last few months, but that’s because I’ve been spending my Sundays on something else instead. I’m now happy to have in my hands finished copies of my new book – my fourth – about the history of the British

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