A Very British Murder

averybritishmurderDear readers, some of you have noticed that my blog has been rather quiet in the last few months, but that’s because I’ve been spending my Sundays on something else instead.

I’m now happy to have in my hands finished copies of my new book – my fourth – about the history of the British ‘love’ of murder.  Well, not so much our love of murder itself, but the way in which the crime has led to art of all sorts, including ballads, melodrama, detective fiction, films, and even those weird Victorian ceramic figurines depicting notorious killers.

I’ve mentioned a few times before the fun times we’ve been having making the TV series of the same title, and I believe that the first episode is going to be shown on 25th September.

24 thoughts on “A Very British Murder

  1. Heidi Mueller

    I thought that you would be busy finishing your book as you mentioned something in that direction. However I missed your blog because it gives me always a good laugh. Can’t wait to read your latest “door stopper” now 🙂

  2. Helen Pinches

    Love the sound of this. You’ve never made anything I havent enjoyed. I love your stuff. I’m doing a history degree and loving it. I’m 37 with 4 kids and decided its now or never. Just finished first year. Hope to do museum work. Any tips?

  3. leenie Hirst

    Looking forward to this!

  4. Andy Cooke

    Exciting! Can’t wait, makes up for the loss of summer!!

  5. Mario Goinden

    Brilliant. Can’t wait. Told you. You’re a breath of fresh air to our screens. X

  6. Mark spencer

    I’m really liking the art work on the cover a trip to my local bookshop is required

  7. Gill Chesney-Green

    Sounds interesting… I love a bit of murder so I’ll be watching this!

  8. Kate Halabura

    How EXCITING! Can’t wait the series, and will be definitely buying the book!

  9. tracey dasent

    Hi Lucy glad to see the hackers have been defeated. I can not wait for the new show as my whole family are great fans and will be glued to the TV. I will have to keep a look out for the new book now as well

  10. Elaine Rowley

    I am seriously excited about this. I can see you as Miss Scarlett in the library with the lead piping.

  11. kevan yates

    So when is it on sale? and how close to Wales are you coming so I can ask you to sign it?

  12. Nick

    Lucy, what is it with murder and ladies? Why the facination?

  13. Richard Fisher

    Hi, looking forward to the new show Lucy. Just love your presentation . You always look so gorgeous!

  14. john jones

    Great news,as a former detective,I wait with bated breathe,murderers,a fascinating but sad area of human behavior

  15. Maria Bronkhorst

    So gald you are back blogging. And with what looks like a great book Will definitely order it and wait for the tv series, hopefully on BBC 2 one day (I live abroad). I collect books on Christmas and murder and I am also reading clerical thrillers (mainly British) at the moment. Before that a series on food and murder (mainly American). So there is also a foreign ‘love’ of murder.

  16. Chris Hough

    Looking forward to both book and programmes Will the premise be that the Victorians invented murder as suggested by Judith Flanders. Or will include such celebrated historic cases as Sir Thomas Overbury etc I can’t wait to find out!

  17. Sue

    Book pre-ordered and coming to hear your talk at Nottm Playhouse!

  18. Gillian Horne

    Hello Lucy. I am so looking forward to this new series. I am a complete murder mystery fan especially the genteel Miss Marple and the glamourous Harriet Vane. Will be looking forward to the end of September and the start of the series. By the way in the BBC trailer you are shown wearing a most gorgeous coat with a fur collar. Where oh where have you found such a glamourous coat?

  19. Lucy Post author

    Thanks very much for kind comments!
    Helen: have a look here, this blog post might help you… https://lucyworsley.com/how-to-get-a-job-as-a-curator/
    Gillian: it’s just from John Lewis! (In the sale too, quite a bargain.)
    Best wishes to all,

    1. Lucy Butler

      I have to say that I have been loving your wardrobe on this series almost as much as the fascinating content. Stunning on both counts!

  20. Sarah Ellis

    Hello Lucy I heard you speak on Thursday night At Chiswick house. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you! I thought of this question later: Surely as curator of the Tower of London the ultimate murder mystery is that of the Princes in the Tower?

  21. Anna Wigley

    Dear Lucy,

    So pleased to have you entertaining us on TV with your cheeky face and hair clips, not to mention the always interesting gloves and coats. My husband and I compete in doing impersonations of you.
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  22. Ray Hunter

    Many thanks for the new series, we watched the first episode last night, looking forward to the other’s, Many thanks to all those involved in making it. A side note to this is ,this summer I read the book by Judith Flanders and glad to see she had a hand in this series.

  23. Stephen Barker

    Dear Lucy

    I have watched your new series with interest. I will have to disagree with you over Gaudy Night being D LSayers best novel. I suggest that either Nine Taylors or Five Red Herrings as being amongst her best novels. But it is all a matter of taste.

    n the novel Appleby’s End by Michael Innes, the detective John Appleby muses on the British passion for murder stories in the opening chapter as he travels on a stopping train on a winter Sunday afternoon. If you have not read it I would recommend it to you.

    PS re your singing and acting, don’t give up the day job just yet.


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