Lucy Worsley’s Reins of Power

Ok this is possibly the most bonkers programme you’ll see this year … I learned to perform the seventeenth century art of horse-dancing, as practiced by Duke of Newcastle in his Riding House at Bolsover Castle, one of England’s most curious buildings, and also the topic of my PhD thesis.  There are more pictures here, and you can see my Bridget-Jones style approach to riding lessons here!



10 thoughts on “Lucy Worsley’s Reins of Power

  1. Nick van V.

    I hope they let you keep the boots.

  2. Keith Smith

    Now that has got to the “Picture of the Year” 2015!

  3. Coat Fan!

    Hi Lucy

    I love your blue coat! Looks beautiful – are you able to tell us where it’s from?


  4. Stu Mulne

    The pixie strikes again…. Beautiful, and it looks like you’re having fun, too!

  5. Lyn

    Great programme. Informative and engaging. Made me want to learn to ride too.

  6. Catalina

    I wish I was taking the classes! How wonderful!

  7. Catalina

    Awesome! I wish I was taking this class! You look like a determined equestrian. 🙂

  8. Lynn

    Horses and history are two of my favorite topics.
    I loved this programme

  9. keith newing

    Lovely programe and look forward to more programes.Your history programes are superb.

    Kind reguards,

    Keith x

  10. Charles bobsworth

    Omg I love your boots must of been fun in Newcastle.


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