New series: Empire of the Tsars, Romanov Russia with Lucy Worsley

Tonight’s the night for our Russian adventures – if you follow me on Twitter you may have spotted that I spent a few weeks last summer following the Romanovs around their former domain.  I hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to watch.


19 thoughts on “New series: Empire of the Tsars, Romanov Russia with Lucy Worsley

  1. Ann

    Now I need to read about it. Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

  2. Heather

    Where did you get the lovely grey linen coat that you were wearing in St Petersburg and how much was it?
    What its the name of the style?

  3. Jennie Dobson

    Will there be a dvd of the series? You followed me around Russia last August!

  4. Angela

    Wonderful new series – a feast for the eyes, full of historical fact presented in your usual balanced way. Now need to book my holiday to Russia!

  5. Estelle

    Enjoying the new series. But as usual distracted by fabulous wardrobe. Where did you get the red dress with black detail?

  6. Heather

    Any chance of the new show being available for us to watch in the U.S. in the future?

  7. Helene Dobbs

    I am loving the new series, the locations are truly stunning and it’s nice to see the Romanovs before the 20th cent, I have learnt a lot

  8. Billy

    Just a point about mosquitoes! During the summer the winds blow from Russia to Finland and I can fully understand the comment about the winged Dracula.
    I once visited Helsinki during the late summer and the mosquitoes there were horrendous compared to the tiny little chaps I have encountered on the Thai – Burmese border.
    I hope you will be continuing this exciting tale of Russia very soon.

  9. Guenter Steinitz

    Dear Lucy,
    I have watched a number of your truly entertaining and exceedingly interesting historical programmes on the BBC. Could you please advise me whether there are any DVD’s of your past programmes available commercially?
    There was a little box above which I am required to fill in, but I have no idea what it is. All it says is “7- = zero” which doesn’t mean all that much to me? I was obliged to put in something, so I put in 10 hoping that it was expecting a value comment out of 10 on your TV programmes, but your system rejected that. I will try again.

    With kind regards
    Guenter Steinitz

  10. Sara Warsama

    big fan of lucy w – loved the romanov russia progs. excellent fashion choices too.


  11. Camila

    Can we please have more episodes? Three was not enough! I really enjoyed the last one. More History please!

  12. Joey

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your recent series on the Romanovs. Fascinating subject and as ever you are a pleasure and delight to listen to and watch.

  13. Hunter S. Jones

    Is this available to viewers in the US? (Fingers crossed for a yes.)
    Let me know. Thank you so much!

  14. Frederic von Ebert

    Ms Worsley

    Your facts of royal linage is true and factual, and well done and look forward to your ongoing presentations.

    Like yourself we know the facts for Royal Bloodline Descent , our web page shows the same inherited visible DNA royal marker a few royal lines who share the same ancestor bloodline.from Czar Nicholas 11 to his son Alexi etc to a few present day britu=ish royals then and now.


  15. Chris Lesner

    My family enjoys your history shows. They are informative, entertaining and your presentation has good style, humor and taste. Your passion for history is inspiring. Thank you!

  16. Bob Henry

    I am enjoying the “Romanov Russia” on TV in Australia and learning about the Romanovs prior to Tsar Nicholas. But why does Lucy look so white in her face in this series? She has not looked so pale in previous programmes! Hope she is not ill as she is so interesting and informative..

  17. Jude

    Is this DVD going to be available in Australia? If so, when? Loved the series and want to gift to Russian friends


  18. Konnovsky

    Just watched your great series, enjoyed it. Must correct you on 1 error, our Empress Katherina the Great has Russian blood through her ancestor rurik. She brought this line back into our imperial family . Most kind regards

  19. michael rowlands

    Is Empire of the Tsars available in dvd,thank you.


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